How We Work

Demos By Mail

Not local to Los Angeles? A commute to Burbank out of the question?

Choose one of our mail order options and save on gas money or plane fare. We have produced hundreds of great songs this way. To get started, simply send in a cassette, CD or lead sheet of your music and lyrics by mail, email, or just fill out the online form and upload your MP3. It's that easy.

All Demos By Mail receive conscientious treatment in all phases of their production, from arrangement through choosing players and recording, and on to mixing. We meticulously master every song before it is shipped to assure that it will compete favorably with other pitches... and blow away your target audience.

In-Studio song production

Local residents can choose to come in and work one-on-one with our producers to craft their vision into a beautifully recorded master. Draw from our extensive combined experience working in diverse genres such as Pop, Country, Rock and R&B and more to achieve a product that competes with the best of your chosen genre. Tap into our hard-won mastery of our musical instruments and carefully chosen studio tools to quickly and efficiently realize the hottest sounds of today's radio and records. Your music is arranged, recorded and mixed in our state-of-the-art studios, which are acoustically tuned to turn out "true" mixes that translate. Finally, we take your mix to it's zenith with our in-house mastering facilities, optimizing the 2-track for maximum sonics and emotional impact.

Though we do have an extensive knowledgebase of music and recording which allows us to have an educated opinion, we are still humble enough to be great collaborators who are excited to work with interesting artists in the pursuit of the common goal of creating exciting new music and sounds that move the collective culture forward; i.e. producting Hit Songs!


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