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What do I need to get started?

•If you have a lyric only: Simply send us a copy of your lyric sheet by email or post, and we can create a melody and arrangement to use while recording your song (arrangement fee applies). Be sure to indicate the target genre, and include instructions as to how you want the song produced. List any songs/artists which you feel should inspire the production. And of course, you own all the rights to the finished song.

•If you have lyrics and melody:
If you are like many of our clients who don't play an instrument, just record yourself singing your song into a cassette recorder and mail us the tape. Of course you can also send us a CD, or for the more technically inclined,use the simple and free application Audacity to record your song. Upload the mp3 file of your song on the order page and use the form to submit your lyrics. We can also work from lead sheets. Please include detailed instructions describing how you want your music to sound, or indicate a song by another artist for us to reference as a model. We will arrange music for your song thats appropriate to the genre you choose.

•If you have lyrics, melody and arrangement: Mail in or submit your lead sheet or track on the order page, or email us a PDF or MP3, or text file of the lyrics. We can also work with your Garageband, Logic Pro, Pro Tools session, or OMF file of your song as a starting point and enhance or replace the instruments therein as necessary.

How do I record an MP3 of my song to send to you?

You need two things to record an audio file of your song:

1.) A microphone connected to your computer. Most modern laptops have built-in microphone, so this shouldn not really be a problem. If you are using a desktop machine you will need to obtain a microphone with a 1/8th inch connector to plug into your soundcard or motherboard's input.

A simple audio recording application. We recommend the free program Audacity. It is open source cross-platform software. It works on Macs and PCs.

What styles of music does Super Demos produce?

Because our studio is always busy with people doing many different projects, we have experience in many of the most popular American music styles. Our producers have experience with Rock, Pop, Ballads, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Smooth Jazz, and we have several top 10 charting releases in the Dance/ Electronic genre. Feel free to bring in other songs to use as models for your production, or choose to be adventurous and let's work together to create something totally new!

Who plays and sings on my song?

Our core production team (Brandon, Diana, Keith and Mitch) lay the basic tracks on all demos. In house we have acoustic drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano, mandolin and flute, with matching excellent players. We also have many synthesizers and modern production tools, and are experts at getting the most out of them. We round this out with top notch production and mixing talent that is focused on keeping up with current trends and sounds, and we also bring in LA session players and singers on an as-needed basis. We have good working relationships with many great players and from this pool we choose the appropriate musician for your song.

What do I receive from you?

Every demo package comes with three mixes of your song. You get a full mix, which contains all instruments, vocals and background vocals, and an "TV mix" (a mix of the song without the vocals) so that you can perform the song live or cut your own vocal in a local studio. An instrumental mix with all the vocals muted is also available by request. Your mixes are shipped on 2 cd's via US mail, and we also email you an mp3 of the full mix.

Who owns the rights to my songs if you arrange the music?

All mail-order demos are done on a Work For Hire basis. This means you retain the rights to your song and the music we produce for you. You own the copyright and you receive all royalties and fees that your song generates. We do charge an arrangement fee for composing music to your lyrics or melody. This fee acts as your buyout of all our rights in the arrangement, so you end up as sole writer and copyright owner of the finished song. A copy of the Work For Hire Agreement that we send with every finished demo can be found here.

What equipment does Super Demos use for recording?

Gear-heads can check out some of our favorite tools here. Super Demos features state of the art studios powered by Pro Tools and Logic Audio. We have some of the best musical instruments and microphones available, as well as real drums and guitar amps. We are constantly working on our skillsets to optimize our use of these tools as they evolve. Our demos sound great, there is no doubt about it. Just listen to the samples on the Listen Page and see for yourself.

What if I don't play an instrument?

If you sing but don't play any instruments we can arrange a track to fit your lyrics and melody (Arrangement fee applies). Simply mail in a tape of yourself singing your song (a cassette recording will do) and we will turn it into an impressive radio-ready cut. If you don't sing we can also work from a lead sheet, or create a melody for your lyrics.

Should I purchase master tapes?

The master tapes, or Master Session DVDs, contains all of the raw tracks, mixing information, and mastering data for your song. Generally, you will only need the Master Session DVD if you plan on continuing to work on the music at another studio. We keep your session archived here at the studio for 2 years. Two CD Song Masters are included with every mail-order package. One CD contains only the full mix, and the other CD contains full mix and TV track (full mix without lead vocal). Cassettes, DATs and session archives are optional. Session archives are shipped in the format that was used to record the song; either Pro Tools or Logic Pro. OMF exports are also available. See the pricing chart on the order page for more information. If you would like a copy of the Pro Tools session or Logic Pro project for your song please indicate this at the time of your order.

How many instruments will be used on my demo?

In many music genres (other than country) the variety and density of instrumentation varies widely. For this reason we charge a flat fee for our demos, excepting the rare instance in which we have to bring in outside players to handle a part. While working on the song we may feel that it needs something extra, like additional guitars or more percussion, or a modern pop song may require added synthesizer tracks. We want to be able to add whatever is necessary to present the song in the best light. Also, songs in different styles require dramatically different instrumentation. The distorted guitars we use for rock and pop would sound out of place in Country. The synthesizers found in pop would be anathema to rock listeners. Our productions are targeted at discreet styles while taking into account the needs of each individual song, and since every song has different requirements to make the mix complete we feel that our flat fee allows the freedom to give each song just that.

Is there an extra charge for more instrumentation?

We only charge extra for instruments when we have to call in a player, such as pedal steel, fiddle, or saxophone. Even then we only charge the players session fee, with no markup. Nine times out of ten we can complete the song’s orchestration with in-house personnel. In these cases, we charge a flat fee for our mail order demos, no matter how many tracks there are. You can check out our roster of session talent here.

More questions?

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